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“Kick-Start” is our introductory soccer skills and movement development program for our youngest athletes. We will introduce some of the fundamental elements from our 'Mastering the Ball' program, with some modification for age appropriate development and have lots of fun in the process!

Training Progression: 

Magic three - Foundation, Sole of the foot touch “Ha-cha”, and role-over. These three touches are the fundamental base from which advanced ball skills will be built. 


  • Foundation softens the touch on the inside of both feet, thus allowing the player to have better control over the ball movement as it is brought into the body. 

  • Ha-cha softens the sole of the foot pressure (touch) used to control the ball from the top. The pressure or squeeze on the ball must be applied without stomping on the ball. The ball can be controlled in different directions with just the sole of the foot, which allows the student to express their athletic mobility.

  • Roll-over is a combination of the sole of the foot, outside of the foot, and inside of the foot. The skill is used when attempting to change to a quick lateral ball movement. It can be use deceptively to for the opponent to step or reach in a direction.








Wed 6-7:00PM


Mar 11th


Apr 29th

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