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Wisconsin Academy of Sports is dedicated to making a difference in every athlete’s life, through athletic training programs designed to help him/her achieve his/her goals. Through a comprehensive series of evaluations, testing, training and sports development opportunities, our athletes are exposed to the latest concepts in sports training. 


Our goal is to have our athletes take what is learned about their bodies and convert it into “real sport situations and movements.”

Our Facility

Our Facility

Wisconsin Academy of Sports houses a 11,000 sq foot turf area that will soon have top of the line turf that is endorsed by governing sports organizations. (FIFA, International Rugby Board, and U.S. Lacrosse) This state-of-the-art IronTurf is uniquely woven to mimic true grass feel. It is a perfect setting for our athletes to get the best reps possible throughout the year. Here we run classes, semi-private, and private training for soccer athletes, but it can be used for multiple sports as well. 


In addition to our turf area, W.A.S has a secondary turf space for speed, agility and performance training. Semi-private and private sports performance training includes strength, speed, and injury prevention programs that aim to enhance the athletic development of all athletes.


We also have amazing equipment to match our facility. From free weights, to Vertimax Raptors, Vald Speedgates, Blazepods and reaction trainers, Wisconsin Academy of Sports has everything you'll need to take your game to the next level!

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